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We’re so sure the best prices for our hotels are found on our website that we’re standing by them – with the most powerful guarantee ever by a global travel company.

Best Price Guarantee is IHG’s promise to guests that they will get the best room rate available for IHG
branded hotels when they make hotel reservations directly with IHG. If a lower room rate is available on a
non-IHG website for an IHG branded hotel room IHG will match the lower rate and provide the individual 5 times the IHG® Rewards Club points

Found a lower price? Learn about our guarantee.

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guaranteed room on your stay

A Guaranteed Room

Booking on the Crowne Plaza Website is the best way to guarantee your room.

Get rewarded for booking with us

The World’s Best Hotel Rewards Program

IHG® Rewards Club you can earn & redeem points for stays at over 4,400 IHG hotels worldwide as well as an array of other rewards.

safe and trusted payment process

Secure and Safe Transactions

When you book on our website, you can trust your transactions are safe and secure.

Get mroe details and prices

Any Room, Any Price, Any Time.

When you book on the Crowne Plaza Website, you have access to the most available room and prices, making us your best online source for the most choices.

no booking fees

No Booking Fees.

Simply, make your reservations directly with us and you’ll never pay a booking fee.

no booking fees

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